Listen to the Moment

Earlier this year, you may have heard/read about The Grain Journal. It was going to be a collaborative magazine celebrating the photographers who look past the fancy digital cameras and focus their work with analog cameras and film.

After a few months of busy work schedules, traveling the world and pretty much hitting a creative slump I retired the idea of The Grain Journal before it even started. But during those months, I had a lot of thinking to do, and have essentially changed my perspective of photography in general.

With that said, The Grain Journal's new direction is heading internally to help me live externally. It will be a collection of my photographs shot with analog cameras on film, in hopes of inspiring you to live fully present in the everyday.

 Paris, France | Canon AE-1 | Kodak Tri-x 400

Paris, France | Canon AE-1 | Kodak Tri-x 400

Appreciating the simplicity in everyday life. The moments that seem to pass us by. The real, authentic, life experience that looks deeper into the grain. Think past the technical and into the moment.

- Listen to the moment.


I want to invite you to make photos intentionally, but don't forget to be present in the moment. Share your analog photos on Instagram with the #listentothemoment for a chance to be featured on The Grain Journal's Instagram page.

As for news on the first volume, I have finished the layout and sent off to print a test copy. Once I receive back, and everything is good to go, I will release for sale online. 


Happy October and Q4!