Freelance Photographer Journey: Part 1

I wake up every morning at 6:45am, start the coffee and brush my teeth; Brittany is getting up about the same time to get ready for her day at work. 7:20am we walk the dogs together, usually talking about what the day has in store for us both, 7:30am we pray over our day and she heads off to work. From 7:30am to usually 8:30am I spend the time reading a devotional, drinking my morning coffee and watching the news. Typically 8:30am is when my creative gene kicks on, and thats when I head into the office to get to work.

Some of you may not know this, but at the end of December last year, I was let go from Shutterfly. It was a bittersweet moment, as I have been dreaming of the day of when I could start being a full time freelance photographer. Knowing myself, I know it would be immensely difficult to leave something comfortable and take risks, obviously God knows me well too and knows my dreams and calling. So I looked at the situation as God's perfect timing to chase after my dreams. The last two weeks of the year, I spent much needed time with Brittany, as she had the time off from work for Christmas break. We slept in almost everyday, watched plenty of Netflix, spent time with friends and family and even went on a day hike.

Now, its the new year. Brittany is back at work, which means it's time to get down to business. I started the year off with plenty of business planning. I have been meeting with a good friend of mine who is a marketing genius and he has been giving me some tips and helping me stay accountable. The work I have been doing isn't paid, but is laying the foundations that is necessary to any business. It literally is like pushing a snowball up a hill, it is very hard work that only gets harder every day with the stress levels growing. But I know, soon the day will come that I will reach the peak, and that snowball will start to go down the other side, very fast and growing even faster.

Almost two full weeks into this freelance photography thing and I haven't had one paying client yet, I have been contacting people almost everyday offering my services and have still heard nothing back that will bring in money. However, I have been making connections with the types of magazines and brands that I want to work with. One thing I have realized over the past few days is that being a editorial photographer means usually doing the work up front for no pay and selling your story later to get paid. Soon I will start going out into the world, creating meaningful stories that I hope magazines will pick up and want to feature.

As of right now, this life is hard. It's very hard. We haven't gotten to the point where we haven't been able to pay a bill, Thank God. But I know the day could come, and as having the feeling of being the "man" of the house and not bringing in money right now, is somewhat depressing. But lucky for me, I have the most supportive wife. She believes in me more than I believe in myself, everyday she pushes me to better while still embracing who I am as a photographer.

I know one day soon, we will look back at this time as being very needed and knowing that God was with us the whole time through it.

Every so often I plan on writing a personal blog post about my journey through this freelance photography thing. Hoping this will encourage some people to follow their dreams, but also showing the true reality of it, that it's not all fun and just working from home in your pjs. But I hope you will follow along as well and see how this works out for us.

With all that said, if you need any photography work done, please contact me. Currently I am booking headshots to start the year off. Everybody needs professional headshots these days for their resumes, LinkedIn accounts, social media, etc... I have rates for individuals and for small businesses that want to have a consistent look.

I look forward to you guys being apart of this journey and hope to work with you sometime soon!