Crafting A Portrait

All photographers are asked the same thing when they first want to start their business.

What makes you stand out from the rest?

This is a very real struggle I think for most photographers. I mean you obviously have your different types of photography, landscapes, wedding, architecture, etc... But when it comes to a type of photography that doesn't really change much, style wise over the years, its hard to figure out the way to make yourself stand out.

I decided at the beginning of this year that I wanted to focus on booking headshots for businesses or anybody that needed one for the line of work they do. In past years I was usually found by the client because I don't do the same-old stuffy business person headshot that most traditional headshot photographers do. With that knowledge I realized that could be a good way for me to start the year out, crafting portraits for people who don't want the same-old headshot as everybody else. 


I truly believe the look of my headshots are set apart from most other photographers. They have a more organic raw look to them, showing the true you which is the best you. That is how I stand out from the crowd, focusing on capturing your true self.

If you'd like to book a headshot session I am now offering a discount of 25% if you book your session by January 31st. To receive the discount, please contact me through the form below to book your headshot session!

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