Purposeful Year.

For those of your who have been following along with my story this year, you probably already knew that it has been an interesting year so far. 

Me and Brittany are coming up on one year since we chose a word that we felt God was going to show us through out the next year. That word was Purpose. We both felt like we were going to either be used for a purpose this year or find our purpose. And so far, it has been the year of many purposes.

I feel like I have been all over the place, especially these last few months. After my freelance photography work came to an end I picked up a job with a tree service company. I did enjoy this work, but it wore me out to the point that I wasn't myself. During this time, I really searched through myself to find out what it is that truly would make me happy. After some self discovery I guess you could say, I decided I wanted to learn how to be a web developer.

This is the current track I am on. Going to school part-time online for the next 6 months in an intensive course that will get me a job as a web developer afterwards. However in the mean time, I have to do life. This means not much time for photography work, because I can't work a job and do school and do photography.

However, you may remember a few weeks ago, I talked about how started a new job with a printing company... Well that didn't work out.  Turns out, my color blindness is worse than I thought and couldn't work around that working there trying to match colors, so I had to leave. That leaves me out of a job. For the past three weeks so far, I haven't been working. Instead have been focusing on school work, and trying to find a job.

I realized that I need a somewhat easy, non-committing job, because of my plans to get a web developing job after schooling in April. Unless, I found a advertising/marketing firm that would hire me on as a Graphic Designer with the plan of me becoming a developer for them once I finish school. That would be the ultimate goal right now.

So that leaves me with now. I am still on the job hunt, but need to make some money soon. Brittany gave me the idea today that I should offer donation only portraits again. So that is what I am going to do over the next few weeks until I find a job.

A donation only portrait is an idea I came up with when we were fundraising for our trip to Ethiopia. It's when I do a quick 20 minute family portrait session, you get all the high-res images, and then you pay me what you want to pay. It's as simple as that. $50, $100, $250.. whatever God lays on your heart.

So if you'd like to book a donation only portrait session, please contact me through my contact page so we can schedule a date.

This has been a crazy year, and thanks for following along this purposeful year we have been living!