Red Oak Live Edge Modern "Odd" Table

Why odd?

Because this piece of wood has a very unique skewed shape to it. As you can see in the photos, the thickness is different on one side than the other. This is why I had to add a spacer to one of the legs and they have level adjusters to ensure a perfect level table.

A few months ago I was working with a tree service company, doing tree removals and pruning. This piece of wood was from a Red Oak that my crew pruned in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte, NC. It came from a very large branch that we had to remove from over the street.

I took the piece home, spent many hours sanding and finishing the piece. I added raw steel hairpin legs with leveling nylon feet, and now its waiting for a new home. I would recommend this piece be on a more stable flooring, instead of carpet because of the unique three leg design.

The specs -

  • width - 9"-13"
  • length - 22"
  • thickness - 6"
  • height - 22"

I am selling for $400. Please contact me at if you're interested. I am doing cash or check only, and must live in the Charlotte, NC area Or be willing to come pick up in Fort Mill, SC. I will not be shipping.