Purpose - Africa

At the beginning of February when my wife and I are starting to ask and wonder what to get each other for Valentines day, she told me to make her something. I searched and pondered for a few days of what I could do. Then one day it hit me, a painting. But what? A few more days go by and while sitting in my office listening to worship music and thinking about our upcoming trip to Ethiopia, it hit me, more like I felt God tell me.

I went to grab the materials, I had an idea of what to use, and it slowly started coming to me. I printed out a picture of Africa and the word purpose, and turned them into stencils. I laid out some paper, placed the piece of wood I was going to paint on the floor and got to it. With Hillsong United blasting in the background I started painting and worshiping. After a few minutes it all just started coming to me. I grabbed some metallic spray paint, the stencils and opened a window.

After two days of working on the painting, I was very happy with the results. I have always loved painting and this definitely re-sparked my love for it. I am hoping to do more pieces thru-out the year. I am selling re-production prints of this piece at my Society6 shop, go check that out here!