I'm Not A Landscape Photographer...

...but I still enjoy doing it!

Yesterday afternoon, I went out to the Anne Springs Close Greenway here in Fort Mill, SC to just take a walk through the trails and maybe take a few photos. I had a blast. Lucky for me, it was a cool foggy day, so I was the only one out there. It was so nice to get outside and just be in nature, taking in all the sights and sounds. 

The other day, I ordered a 0.6 Neutral Density Filter, mostly to use for my Mamiya 7 on those really bright days (My shutter speed on it only goes to 1/500th). Turns out, the filter size also fits one of my Fuji lenses for my XT-1, so I went to play yesterday to try and learn this thing as it is my first time using an ND filter.

I quickly realized that I will need more filters to create more density, next I will look into getting a set, probably a 0.9 and a 1.2. But the 0.6 was fun to play with on a foggy day in South Carolina. Below are a few shots I got with the filter on, I also took some with my Mamiya 7 but will have to wait to get those scans back to post. For now, enjoy the digital photos!