Free Portraits.

UPDATE *** No longer booking for free portraits ***

Yea. You read that title right, Free Portraits.

Here is the thing. I want to work on building my studio portrait portfolio, because honestly I am starting to feel like shooting in the studio is more of my thing. And to get more clients who want that look they need to see that in your portfolio.

I am looking to schedule 10 very mini-sessions, here at my home studio. I am looking for other creatives, people who make stuff, that could be other photographers, painters, designers, chefs, mechanics, farmers, actors, models, etc... If you are one of these people and live in the Charlotte, NC or Fort Mill, SC area or if you don't and just feel like taking a road trip to get to my place, you're welcome to it!


When? Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

Where? My place, I'll get the address to you if you book.

What will you get? Probably coffee, and a few portraits of yourself to use for however you'd like.


My plan is to start the booking times at 9:00am and have a shoot every hour, the session will probably only last 15-30 minutes or even less. I plan on making a few portraits digitally and then one or two on film with my Mamiya RZ67. 

As I said, I am only booking 10 people. If you're interested fill out the form below. I am not sure how many responses I will get, but if it's more than 10, then I will have to decide who will get the portraits :/

UPDATE as of 9:48am on February, 12th 2016 / Only 2 spots open!

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Please choose what it is you do, it doesn't have to be your profession, could be a hobby.
If you have a website for your craft, please enter below so I can see your work.

Thanks for filling out the form! Once I receive some interest on this project I will start getting back to people on scheduling, etc...