The Long Game Part 3: Painting in the Dark

After my recent blog post, The Struggle of Self, I received some great feedback from people in the Instagram community who were going through the same thing. One of them recommended I watch the video posted below. It just clicked with me in such a profound way that I had to share the video on my blog for a follow up to my previous post.

I will soon be making a lot of changes to the work I start to take on and be more intentional about the work I am producing. No longer will I be creating to please others, but creating to please myself.

I also understand that I am only 28 years old and have so much more of my life ahead of me to create meaningful work. Regardless if people see it, I will know the meaning behind all the work I create and be happy with it.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did!


Also, I highly recommend watching The Long Game Part 1 and Part 2.