(Post) - Ethiopia

Me and Brittany returned from Ethiopia almost a week ago now, it's hard to believe we already went. By the time we got adjusted to the time and life there it was time to go, next time we will definitely be staying longer.

The best question both of us have been getting from everybody is, "How was your trip?" One thing I have learned after having been on two previous trips to developing countries is, when most people ask you about your trip, they don't really care. I know that sounds mean but its the truth, unless the person has experienced for themselves the level of poverty and hurt you did, they just can't relate to it.

My go to short answer to, "How was your trip?" is usually just a simple, "Good!" But the other night, me and Brittany started talking about this "Good!" answer. And it helped me justify using it for my answer. The thing is a lot of the stuff we saw, felt, heard, smelled, etc... wasn't good. A lot of the stuff was really hard to experience. BUT, by the grace of God we were there to do Good things for the kids. We had a good time with the kids, we had a good time with the team. We still had fun, we laughed, we ate good food, saw some beautiful sights and best of all was able to make a good impact on the kids lives that we got to be around. 

So if you're getting back from a missions trip or from a developing country and people ask you how your trip was, don't be afraid to say that it was a good trip. I will be writing more blog post in the next few weeks talking about our experiences in Ethiopia and possibly some upcoming exciting news. For now, check out these photos I took with my iPhone 6+. I used the Moment case/app, Moment Wide and Moment Tele lens for a lot of the photos. Then used VSCO Cam to edit the photos to black and white.