Freelance Journey: Part Five

And just like that June is over with, July starts today.

June was a hard month, honestly didn't receive too much work. If it wasn't for doing remote editing for Indie Film Lab, we'd be long under and living under a bridge. My biggest struggle is the feeling of defeat. I know freelancers go through times of drought, where no money is coming in and you get behind on your bills. But once you live through it and are still living through it, it's very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank God, I have something else to look to that gives me hope knowing that the light is going to show through soon. Because if we didn't have God right now, we would without a doubt be homeless.

I still have an honest belief that I was called to be a photographer, to use my gifts or literally the way I see the world and notice moments, to capture those for the glory of God. To use those moments to show people his power and grace.

Lately I have been experiencing a shift, which is funny to say because when have I not been. I have gone through so many phases in my photography career, tried different genres used different mediums, etc... and the strongest pull I continue to get is to shoot more humanitarian and travel work, creating art from those experiences. Now, one thing I have thought long and hard about over the last month through this dry season is that what I am going after isn't going to make me money right now. Actually, it is costing me money and spending more time trying to crowd fund the money. I said all that to say, I am definitely not quitting photography... BUT I am hoping to start a new full time job soon in a completely different field.

Right now, I need to provide for my family and I am tired of not being able to contribute enough. I have been sending resumés like crazy this past month and have actually had a few interviews, but haven't gotten a job yet. I do have a interview this upcoming week and I sincerely ask for your prayers Tuesday, July 5th at 8:30am.

My plan once I get a full time job is to work as much as I can, get us caught up on bills and out of debt. I am actually thinking about going back to school this upcoming year that will better my career in the future as a humanitarian and travel photographer. I will keep booking shoots on the weekends, still plan on going to Colombia in October, as well as some other short term trips.

This just seems to be the way this journey is heading. I don't see this as a defeat but more as an opportunity. Unless God has other plans, I'll keep you posted!

In other news, if you haven't heard yet, Brittany and I are going to New York City next weekend and I am stoked!

 Mamiya 7 Kodak Ektar 100 / Boat ride on a crater lake in Ethiopia.

Mamiya 7 Kodak Ektar 100 / Boat ride on a crater lake in Ethiopia.