Life Update

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind.

Me and Brittany got home from New York and the next day I started my new job at Heartwood Tree Service.

I have been in training there pretty much for the last two weeks, learning the ins and outs of the tree service industry and how to work safely. A few people have asked what it is I will be doing and why I made that career leap.

First off, I made the career leap because financially I needed too. Doing the freelance photography thing just wasn't cutting it and so I had to give it a break for now. Second, I have always been interested in tress and plants and pretty much anything natural. I love being outside, in nature and what better what to do that than being around trees all day. A few years ago I read an article about the job of a "tree climber / arborist" and it got my attention. I thought it would be an amazing trade to be in and looks like it could be fun and rewarding. So when I started looking for work, that is where I first checked. I contacted Heartwood to ask if I could work for them, went in for an interview and then started the next week.

My current position will be a groundsman. They do not let anyone start climbing until they have put in a years worth of work on the ground. There is so much to learn in this work and it all starts on the ground. You literally have to climb your way up in this industry. Once you know how everything works on the ground, then you can start climbing. I have been learning about knots, chainsaws, trees, pressure points, wood chippers, etc... My goal is to one day become a tree climber. If you wonder what tree climbers do, they pretty much rig a rope to the top of a tree and then ascend. While in the tree they prune branches or if its a removal will start cutting branches down.

This has been one of the hardest physical jobs I have ever had. Working all day in the heat (for now, come on fall!), lifting logs and tree branches, moving them to the chipper. Cutting up logs and branches, chipping them, assisting the climbers by sending up rope, chainsaws and water. But, it has been fun and a huge shift from working at a desk all day, already seeing the physical benefits, no need to go to a gym or workout anymore.

Like I said, photography is somewhat taking a backseat for now. I will still book occasional shoots, but it will be more of a hobby for now. Hopefully will focus more on making prints and selling to make extra money. So please check out more of my site, select images are available for prints.